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If you need to restore your vitamin levels, enhance your performance, rehydrate your body, bolster your immune system, fight jetlag or simply cure a hangover – Liquifusion delivers results. Refuel your body with exactly what it needs. In less than 45 minutes you can be YOU again.
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Feeling sick, hungover, detoxing or just need an energy boost? We offer 8 customized IV Infusions for all your health needs.
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Our certified nurse will painlessly administer your treatment in under 45 minutes. Feel refueled and renewed fast!
100% Vitamin Absorption
We offer 8 specially formulated IV Infusions for all your health needs. Our infusions are administered by a certified nurse and are isotonic, osmolar, magnetized, alkaline, manufactured in the US and independently tested.
Our Treatments

A simple drip with a complex purpose: Restoring your body’s pH balance. This concentrated infusion…

A focused infusion of the essentials to give you an immediate boost and make you…

The most basic element your body needs for optimal functionality: water. This ‘pick-me-up’ drip is…

A powerful mix of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids like taurine and arginine. This…

This infusion provides an immune boost for those suffering from immune disorders or just wanting…

A revved-up, supercharged mix of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to power you through…

This infusion is for those that want to feel young again! The perfect choice for those who want to…

This infusion uses high dose nutrient combination including amino acids, B vitamins, Potassium...
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